Roblox customer service

Are you having any problem using roblox? Then, you can contact the Roblox customer service. Roblox customer service is a user friendly platform. You can make your complaints about your accounts, issues using the platform and even problem with payment. You can also make your suggestions. You can visit or contact the customer service number through (888) 858 – 2569 or you can send a mail to

Roblox Online Game Subscription

Roblox is an online gaming creation platform that allows players to create and design their own games and also to play games created by other users. It allows users to create their own type of game for the platform.

Roblox support

Roblox support and allows users to perform a variety of activities on the platform. Players can buy, sell and create virtual on roblox. Roblox brings users together by creating a community that brings people together.

Users can create games through object Oriented Programming system by the programming language called Lua to design the environment of a game.

Roblox account

A Roblox account will give you an opportunity to be part of the Roblox community. Such a user will be able to play and create games on the platform. To create a roblox account is very simple. Follow the steps below:

Open your browser


Navigate to sign up section on the webpage

Fill out all the information.

After following all the above steps, you are now a proud owner of a roblox account.

All new user can use the roblox help for easy navigation of the website.

roblox customer service

Roblox on Xbox

Surprisingly, roblox can be played on Xbox. Roblox is in the Xbox Live store. It is free. You can play a lot of games. Xbox users can now use Roblox with users not using Xbox such as those using a mobile phone, PC or tablets. This is because roblux support cross platform.

Your roblox account can get deleted when you are inactive for a long time.

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